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     Investing to
     the delivery of healthcare.

     About Us 

Accountable Health invests and acquires technology-enabled healthcare services companies that increase efficiencies, improve quality
and reduce costs in the delivery of healthcare. 

New trends in the U.S. healthcare market are transforming the landscape and the way healthcare is delivered.  From the new federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to changes in demographics, to new technologies, medical services and pharmaceuticals, opportunities abound for companies to deliver innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.   With varying investment options, Accountable Health is an ideal partner to build these visionary companies into market-leading enterprises.

     Investment Targets 

Accountable Health invests in and acquires companies that address emerging healthcare challenges with innovative product and service offerings.  We consider a diverse cadre of business opportunities, with a strong interest in organizations that:

  • Actively engage members in managing their health, including wellness and compliance programs
  • Enable health plans to better compete and provide care in the healthcare exchanges
  • Partner with health plans to address the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act
  • Coordinate care among healthcare providers and members
  • Improve delivery of healthcare via mobile or other emerging technologies
  • Manage and reduce fraud, waste and abuse

Contact Us 


             1101 Wootton Parkway, 10th Floor

             Rockville, MD  20852
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